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    A gentle reminder that surviving adversity makes you both stronger and more beautiful as a person.

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    Ummm….someone should tell them that this doesn’t look like a Christmas tree.

    I didn’t realize the guy who made it is the same guy who made Buttplug Santa!

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    Muscle Car Bro Irritates Park Slope Residents With ‘Douchemobile’

    Every so often, the heavens open and a perfectly ridiculous tabloid story about the ever-evolving social dynamics of New York City neighborhoods appears, as if the good Saint Jerry Seinfeld had wished it so. Case in point: A conflict in Park Slope between local residents and some guy who is really, really into protecting his hot orange Dodge Challenger.

    It’s a pumpkin orange Dodge Challenger with a grill that pulses blue light and a sticker that reads “DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT” written over the windshield. (His apparent motto:Drive It Like You Stole It, Protect It Like You Borrowed It From A Mafia Don) The owner, who the New York Post identifies as 31-year-old auto mechanic William Caraballo, uses parking cones emblazoned with “Dodge Challenger” to mark out space for the vehicle at Eight Street Near Prospect Park West. He usually keeps a tarp over the car, to prevent it from searing too much into your eyeballs/the finish from getting scratched. “In every neighborhood, I put cones around the car,” he told The Post. “I guess it draws attention to it in a way, but it also protects it…I don’t want people at night, especially if I’m at home in bed, looking through the glass to see what’s inside,” he said.

    But Park Slope drivers claim that Caraballo uses the cones to stake out the space beforehand, which, in a parking spot-starved city like New York, can spark a blood feud. 

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    This whole thing is hilarious

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    When someone tries to stop dickbutt

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    Cosplay @ New York Comic-Con