2. xombiedirge:

    Gaming Illustrations by Nuri Durr / Tumblr

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  7. ABJO Interview


    Shot and Edited by Jeremy Lawson and myself. This promo was made for San Diego native DJ/Producer/Beat mixer/Sound Engineer from “Soulection Records” who goes by the name of ABJO. This video gives you some insight into his influences and interest as an artist, enjoy!

    Heres the link to his bandcamp: http://abjo.bandcamp.com

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  8. SinSerious - Pipe Bomb

    SinSerious – Pipe Bomb


    Shot and edited a new music video for SinSerious entitled Pipe Bomb. Had a great time shooting and the end result speaks for itself, check it out!

    Song is off of “Peace Kings EP” and can be found here: http://sinserious.bandcamp.com/album/peace-kings-ep

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  9. AWOL & Gamma feat Chris Young The Rapper- Mic Check (Official Music Video)

    Had a blast working with these talented individuals. Shot in different parts of San Diego (Locals know where).

  10. V-Rock – “Throne” Instrumental Video & Interview

    Another video I edited for DJ V-rock, this one has him narrating. Its a little peek inside what makes him the artist that he is, footage also shot by Jeremy Lawson.